Iconic Aviation Collection - F-111

The Iconic Aviation Collection

Part One: The F-111.

One of the best-loved and most recognisable aircraft used by the RAAF. The first in the astounding new Iconic Aircraft Range. Explore the stunning F-111 collection based around the wonderful artwork Seek, Strike and Return by leading Australian military artist Drew Harrison. Limited edition. Do not miss out on owning your piece of history and celebrating this iconic aircraft.

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Seek, Strike, and Return

Entry into service was delayed by technical difficulties and budget blowouts. Despite these teething problems the ubiquitous and highly capable F-111 strike bomber attained several achievements in the RAAF before retirement in December 2010. 82 Wing, including 1 and 6 Squadrons at Amberley, Queensland operated the F-111. A8-130 (6 Squadron) and A8-147 (1 Squadron) were F-111C models shown here late in life fully 'bombed up' over the Northern Australian coastline. Both airframes are survivors with A8-130 gifted to the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor and A8-147 on display at Evans Head Aerodrome, NSW. The RAAF's F-111 fleet was never deployed operationally in a strike capacity and so the greatest achievement, and lasting legacy, was the status it held as a regional deterrent.  In US service the F-111 was called the Aardvark, although in Australian service it was affectionately known as 'The Pig'. 

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Art presented differently. F-111 Limited Edition Aluminium Artwork.

Presented on solid aluminium own the striking artwork Seek, Strike and Return from Drew Harrison. Capturing the service of the affectionately named aircraft known by the Australians as 'The Pig' and encapsulating the controversial beginnings through to retirement from service in December 2010, this beautiful artwork is presented on 3mm aluminium, serving as a nod to the manufacturing of these long-serving and fan favourite aircraft. Limited edition with only 250 releases worldwide, order early to secure lower numbers now.



Make this medallion yours. Air Force 100 Limited Edition Medallion - F-111

This breathtaking proof quality medallion is a perfect way to commemorate the Air Force Centenary. Strictly limited to only 500 releases. Featuring the highly detailed and vibrant F-111 from Drew Harrison's Seek, Strike and Return, this stunning medallion commemorates this remarkable aircraft. The F-111 entered service with the RAAF after controversial delays and went on to be one of the longest serving strike bomber aircraft. The F-111 holds a lasting legacy of its status as a regional deterrent. This stunning medallion commemorates this remarkable aircraft. Part of the complete Iconic Medallion set, save on shipping and secure your complete limited edition set of six here. Limited mintage, order early to secure the lowest limited edition numbers.



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Museum quality in your home. F-111 Limited Edition Canvas Artwork by Drew Harrison

Limited to 100 copies, this superb reproduction of Drew Harrison's Seek, Strike and Return, is faithfully replicated using the latest scanning and printing methods. This canvas artwork is an ideal showpiece for your office or home, and is hand-signed and numbered by Drew Harrison. Printed on Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas - a heavyweight, bright white poly-cotton inkjet canvas with a fine, uniform surface texture – it is acid and lignin-free and when printed with pigment inks, meets the most exacting requirements of age resistance, fade tested up to 75 plus years. Measuring 600mm x 450mm, secure your copy of this precise replica now. Order early to secure the lowest limited edition numbers.



A print for the ages. F-111 Limited Edition Print by Drew Harrison

A print of this beautiful artwork is perfect for your space and makes a sensational gift for yourself or a loved one. Printed using archival inks on 310gsm True Rag Etching Paper, these artworks are museum quality and tested not to fade for over 75 years. With the full sheet measuring 700mm x 550mm, this vibrant print is presented with a limited-edition certificate of authenticity, in-depth artist note, and is hand-signed and numbered by artist Drew Harrison. A beautiful collector's item, secure one of the 250 limited edition prints now. Order early to receive the lowest limited edition numbers.


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Your new go-to mug. F-111 Limited Edition Coffee Mug by Drew Harrison

Bring beautiful artwork to your morning routine with this stunning vibrant coffee mug wrapped with Drew Harrison's Seek, Strike and Return. A perfect limited edition coffee mug featuring a schematic of the aircraft in the base and fantastic limited-edition details throughout the mug. Created from durable ceramic, with a scratch-resistant finish and easy grip handle this limited-edition mug, one of only 1000 available worldwide, is perfect for your home or office. This beautiful mug comes in a complete set of six, the perfect gift for your home or your loved ones. Secure the full collection below and save on your shipping. Explore now.



Your new barbeque best friend. F-111 Limited Edition Drink Cooler by Drew Harrison

Carry this stunning artwork with you to your next barbeque. Get your next long-serving drink cooler and commemorate the longest-serving strike bomber aircraft with this fantastic, limited-edition cooler. With only 1000 available, do not miss your opportunity to get your hands on this eye-catching cooler and celebrate this amazing aircraft. Want to save on shipping? This stunning drink cooler is part of a complete set of six. Explore the complete limited edition set below.


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Explore the sets and start your journey with the Iconic Aviation Collection.

Air Force 100 Iconic Aviation Limited Edition Medallion Set of 6.

The striking Air Force 100 Iconic Aviation Limited Edition Medallions. A breathtaking collection to commemorate the Air Force Centenary. Only 1000 complete sets are available, secure yours now. This strictly limited proof-quality set of six medallions features the six new stunning artworks from Drew Harrison celebrating some of the most iconic aircraft operated by the RAAF. Minted from brass alloy and finished in highly polished silver, these stunning medallions capture snapshots of the range of aircraft operated by the RAAF over the past century. Featuring full-colour renderings from the artworks and raised schematics of the aircraft this set is limited to only 1000 units and is not to be missed. Order early to secure the lowest numbers.



Set of Six Limited Edition Coffee Mugs by Drew Harrison

The complete collection of limited-edition coffee mugs features the beautiful new artworks by leading Australian military aviation artist Drew Harrison. Complete with schematics of each aircraft in the base, and limited-edition details, these stunning mugs capture snapshots of the range of aircraft operated by the RAAF over the past century. With only 1000 sets worldwide, secure all six of these striking mugs, perfect for any home or office. Secure the complete collection now.



Set of Six Limited Edition Drink Coolers by Drew Harrison

The complete collection of the six iconic limited edition drink coolers featuring the stunning artwork of Drew Harrison and depicting some of the most recognisable aircraft of the Air Force. Limited to only 1000 sets. With schematics of the aircraft and limited-edition details inside, these stunning coolers capture the range of aircraft operated by the RAAF over the past century in beautiful detail. Only 1000 sets will be made worldwide so secure these drink coolers now and be the envy of everyone at your next barbeque.



About the Artist:

Drew Harrison is one of Australia's leading military aviation artists. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Drew is an award-winning practising professional artist and an acrylic paint specialist.

Creating artworks that are characteristically unique and a fresh take in the military art space, Drew has a meticulous eye for the incredible detail and accuracy captured in his paintings.

Drew was previously commissioned by the Air Force Shop to create an artwork to truly memorialise the magnificent milestone of the Air Force Centenary.

Continuing our wonderful relationship with Drew, six new works have been commissioned, creating highly researched and beautifully detailed artworks of six iconic aircraft operated by the RAAF.

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